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Our Services

While our services are tailored to meet the needs of each client, clients typically ask for four main services:

Market Risk Assessment: A detailed assessment of the individuals, institutions and current market conditions crucial in developing a robust market entrance strategy. These assessments include a candid look at issues of corruption, governance, local business practices and potential for political and military volatility. This includes a detailed analysis of the key political and economic trends and individuals which are likely to shape the market in both the near and long term.

Viability Assessment: In roundtable discussions, video conferences and workshops a client’s business plan is put to the test against local market conditions and our expert’s personal assessments. Through these interactive exercises clients fine tune their business plans, market entrance strategies and their internal risk management process.  This service also provides a detailed assessment of the market for a specific product, addressing such questions as: how large is the market for cellular phones, how mature is it and how saturated is it by local and foreign based competition?  Additionally, this service looks at the geopolitical aspect of the client’s market entry addressing key questions such as: how connected or favored is our competition with the current government and what looming legislative or political issues might alter the market in the near term?

Market Forecast: Timely knowledge of changing market conditions is crucial in avoiding significant financial loss. Through this retainer service, clients receive continued updates through our cadre of local experts in order to remain informed of economic and political decisions as they are being made.  Our network of experts can quickly interpret events and distill what is a significant development from what is purely political posturing.  Armed with this knowledge, our clients can better handle crises of every nature and emerge with larger market share when they are one of the few companies or investors which is not scared off or left in the market when the wind changes.

Resident experts: When the scope of a market entry is too large for our other services, CG can quickly select and deploy an interim market manager to rapidly inject specific intellectual expertise into the management team of your company. Using interim market managers has the advantage of both being timely and cost effective: Managers are hired only for the duration and scope of the initiative desired.