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About Us

Cornerstone Group is a knowledge brokerage firm. We utilize the most experienced sources of knowledge so that our clients can rapidly add validity to their business model in order to make informed business decisions. Our services range from the rapid deployment of a subject matter expert or interim market manager to the risk assessment of a market entry strategy.


Cornerstone Consulting Group does not invest or hold shares; we specialize solely in recruiting and maintaining our cadre of subject matter experts and interim market managers. Thus, we only broker knowledge; we do not act upon it. This ensures that the advice our experts bring to the table is not slanted towards our own market objectives or investment goals. By not holding any stakes in international markets we are free to focus on our core mission of bridging the gap between those with local expert knowledge and those wishing to benefit from it.


In order to locate and manage our cadre of experts we have recruited and contract employees across all professions and continents. Our team includes MDs, CFAs, JDs, and PhDs from top schools all over the world and veterans of numerous Fortune 500 companies and Capitol Hill.