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Welcome To Corner Stone Group

The Cornerstone Group is a knowledge brokerage and risk analysis firm specializing in bridging the gap between subject matter experts and companies looking to expand or invest overseas. CG utilizes its network of experts from engineers to economists, political pundits to practitioners, to provide clients an unbiased and pragmatic understanding of local market conditions.

While emerging markets can often generate returns and market share far superior to those found in developing markets, far too many investors and companies conduct only limited risk analysis prior to their market entry.  Significant losses often follow.  Emerging markets are each unique and challenging.  To succeed, businesses must have an accurate understanding of the prevailing political and economic risk structure in each market and have a mechanism in place to quickly interpret news and events in that market.  Lack of transparency, immature bond markets, corruption and political instability are just a few of the risks which, if not properly mitigated, will ensure significant losses.  To realize the gains which emerging markets do often generate, companies and investors have grown to rely on risk analysis firms such as CG.

However, three things set CG apart from other risk analysis firms. First, we do not invest or have vested interests in any company; we focus only on maintaining a cadre of subject matter experts that can provide sound, unbiased investment advice. Second, our methodology is simple: We do not utilize self-proclaimed experts living thousands of miles away from a potential market; instead we rely on economic and political practitioners who know their own region, country, language and culture to an extent unobtainable by an outsider. There simply is no comparison between the insights of a Jordanian economist with twenty years of experience in his home market and a 26 year old “Jordanian market expert,” working in New York.  Third, drawing on years of policy and financial experience, our team distills our expert's advice into an unbiased and readily applicable assessment of market realities on the ground.

For large scale and longer-term investment, CG also specializes in locating and providing Interim Market Managers (IMMs) with the knowledge base and professional expertise necessary to head a company's expansion into a new market. Utilizing interim management allows a company to maintain a lean core management staff which can be bolstered rapidly by an interim manager to take advantage of new opportunities or short term objectives.

To find out more about our unique services contact us to see how we can add value to your company.

Cornerstone Group is a knowledge brokerage firm. We utilize the most experienced sources of knowledge so that our clients can rapidly add validity to their business model in order to make informed business decisions.

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To become the leading broker of expert knowledge to companies requiring an accurate and timely understanding of local market conditions. To achieve this, CG will continue to lead the way in joining expertise and investors.

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While our services are tailored to meet the needs of each client, clients typically ask for four main services.A detailed assessment of the individuals, institutions and current market conditions crucial in developing a robust market entrance strategy.

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